Saturday, 21 April 2012

Playskool: Explore 'N Grow: Step Start Walk 'n Ride

ZOOOOOOOOM! Your child will love zipping around on his Step Start Walk ’N Ride. With bright colors and fun accessories to pull, twist, spin and roll, this colorful toy provides multiple ways to teach and entertain your child. Best of all, it’s two toys in one! Once your child masters walking and pushing the Step Start Walk ’n Ride, it transforms into a fun riding toy. He can pretend he’s just like mom and dad, driving along in his own car! This toy also encourages important developmental skills, including spatial awareness, fundamental movement skills and more!

It’s More Than Play... This Toy Also Teaches:

Fundamental Movement Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Midline Development
Spatial Awareness
Fitness & Stamina
Fundamental Movement Skills

With bright, fun colors and snazzy accessories, the Step Start Walk ’n Ride encourages your child to stand, walk and push his legs as he rides. These activities all promote fundamental movement skills, or the ability to move the body from one place to another. These physical abilities develop from simple to complex, and require hours and hours of trial and error to master.

Recommended Age : 9 -36 months
Market Price : RM149.90
Price : RM130

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